Council of EU

Council of the European Union
Provocations response and external security of the European Union

IMG_9275Smirnov Alexander
Hey, you’re new to model world? Welcome
To the conference that makes your spirits fly like falcon.
Boost your confidence and broaden your horizons like a rainbow.
Time to introduce myself, I promise, no sarcasm now:
I will familiarize you with the rules of procedure,
Complex voting, which is honestly a really nice feature.
No motions to prolong, I kill these model creatures,
Being a chairperson, I’m not afraid to ditch sh*t.
Make your model wishlist, I will help you reach this
Provided that your discipline won’t put you in the blacklist.
Model is a family… Is this what your friends speak?
Nail your expectations; you still can shoot a kill-streak.
And when the model’s over, prepare for final party:
Remember, that if we don’t sin
Then Jesus died for nothing.


Kruglik Tatiana                                                        Artemenko Viktoria
Vice-president                                                                           Expert 

Report of the Exper                  Rules of Procedure

Country Representative
1 Austria  Chromov Timur
2 Belgium  Lissitzky George
3 Bulgaria
4 Croatia
5 Cyprus  Petrovich Evgeniy
6 Czech Republic
7 Denmark
8 Estonia
9 Finland
10 France  Popova Irina
11 Germany Drozdova Anastasia
12 Greece  Pronina Lyubov
13 Hungary  Vershinina Sophia
14 Ireland   Kozlov Egor
15 Italy
16 Latvia
17 Lithuania  Belikova Lyubov
18 Luxembourg
19 Malta
20 Netherlands
21 Poland
22 Portugal
23 Romania
24 Slovakia  President
25 Slovenia
26 Spain  Kuzmina Elena
27 Sweden
28 United Kingdom