The United Nations Economic and Social Council
Epidemiology of HIV in developing countries

Egor Kozlov

It is my honor to welcome you to the Economic and Social Council at RANEPA Model United Nations 2017!

My name is Egor Kozlov and I am a senior at the Institute of Business Studies in RANEPA. During my studies, I have been very interested in the ways that economic and social issues impact our world. My studies of matters drew me to the conclusion that every crisis has its roots in the social and economic plight of hundreds of nations. That is why in ECOSOC we will focus on the issues, which, if solved, can make the lives of millions of people much better. The first topic concentrates on improving HIV/AIDS and the second focuses on Internet provision in Africa.
In addition, our committee has something special for our delegates, as the second issue of the agenda will be played according to HNMUN rules, the oldest and the most prestigious MUN. Also, you will be the ones, who will get a great opportunity to go to HNMUN 2018 upcoming February.
I am confident that our committee will work effectively and will adopt the resolution which will significantly contribute to the lives of millions of citizens and our world will make a great leap towards global prosperity, which we are so much craving for. I am excited to meet you all at the conference!

Egor Kozlov, ECOSOC President

  Evgeny Petrovich           Maria Abramenko           Magomed Dalakov
Co-Chairperson               Expert                 Secretary

Report of the Expert                    Rules of Procedure



1 Afghanistan
2 Algeria
3 Andorra
4 Argentina
5 Australia
6 Azerbaijan
7 Belgium  Markina Margarita
8 Benin
9 Bosnia and Herzegovina
10 Brazil  Bakharev Denis
11 Burkina Faso
12 Cameroon Pronina Lyubov
13 Chad
14 Chile
15 China  Bryan Kineni
16 Colombia
17 Czech Republic
18 Estonia
19 France Pazova Asiyat
20 Germany Selivarova Vikroriya
21 Ghana Memetova Anastasiya
22 Guyana
23 Honduras Otpushennikov Yaroslav
24 India Lutenko Darina
25 Iraq
26 Ireland President
27 Italy Vershinina Sophia
28 Japan
29 Lebanon
30 Mauritania
31 Nigeria Khromov Timur
32 Norway
33 Pakistan
34 Peru
35 Republic of Korea
36 Republic of Moldova
37 Russian Federation Rykov Dmitry
38 Rwanda
39 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
40 Somalia
41 South Africa Prihodko Alina
42 Spain Dzhanibekova Elina
43 Swaziland
44 Sweden
45 Tajikistan
46 Trinidad and Tobago
47 Turkey
48 Uganda
49 United Arab Emirates
50 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Kuzina Ekaterina
51 United States of America Pakermanov Vitaly
52 Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)
53 Viet Nam
54 Zimbabwe Samuskevich Arina