United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
Countries’ responsibilities for destruction of the World heritage of other countries

Катаева Maria Kataeva
President of the UNESCO

Dear delegates!
I am very glad to welcome you on RANEPA MUN 2016. Having chosen UNESCO, you will plunge into the atmosphere of friendly discussion and the solution of the problems connected with culture, science and education. Moreover for the second time our committee will work in English, that is excellent colloquial practice. Let’s unite for the sake of something new and interesting! It will be great pleasure to see you in UNESCO!

Lukshin Roman                                                 Matieshina  Antonina
      Vice-president                                                              Expert          

Report of the Exper                  Rules of Procedure

Country Representative
1 Afghanistan  Ismodenov Wjacheslav
2 Albania
3 Algeria Rayt Valeria
4 Angola
5 Argentina
6 Austria  Galash Polina
7 Bangladesh
8 Belize
9 Brazil  Kalashnikov Alexey
10 Chad
11 China  Perminova Aleksandra
12 Cuba
13 Czech Republic  Seryogina Galina
14 Dominican Republic
16 El Salvador
17 Estonia
18 France  Egorova Maria
19 Gabon
20 Germany  Rahul Bijagupta Awale
21 Guinea
22 India Abramenko Maria
23 Italy
24 Japan   Zagradskaya Anastasia
25 Mexico
26 Montenegro
27 Namibia
28 Netherlands  Grizenko Elisaveta
29 Pakistan
30 Republic of Korea
31 Russian Federation  Lapshin Fedor
32 Spain
33 Sweden  Bykova Yulia
34 Thailand
35 The former Yugoslav
Republic of Macedonia
36 Ukraine  Des’atnik Christina
37 United Arab Emirates  Chavkin Andrey
38 United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland
Konstantinova Elisaveta
39 United States of America